Desma 25: Typography

The American Psycho poster is a typographic assignment, where an excerpt from the script of the film adaptation of American Psycho was implemented into the overall design, with an emphasis on a limited color palette, typography, and composition. 24" x 36". (2008)

"8:30 Res" Poster:

Continuing the focus on American Psycho, for the next assignment in my Typography course at UCLA, the content and design for the Bret Easton Ellis novel was alternatively explored, as a companion book cover was designed to supplement the large-scale poster.

The book design began with several limitations in typography, but by the end of the assignment, almost complete creative license was granted. The end result was a self-designed process book documenting the progression of each of the various American Psycho design stages, culminating in a final color book jacket. (2008)

Process Book (front / back):

Process Book (content):