Garbage In, Garbage Out

"Garbage In Garbage Out" was completed as part of an experimental filmmaking course during the summer of 2008 at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). The video is independently filmed, edited, and scored, personifying my idealization of abstract filmmaking at the particular time. With this experimental video piece, my attempt was to tap into my subconscious a bit and evoke some symbolism pertaining to Los Angeles, especially in terms of a decaying façade beneath the foundations of the city built upon the American dream. Ideally, viewers will see an introspective element, in which I discreetly attempted to put the person behind the video camera (me) into the film itself, without being biographical, but rather psychological. Within the short film, there are trademarks of a contemporary Los Angeles conveyed in dystopian overtones. Likewise, the film appears clouded in a drug-induced haze, where the city is artificial upon further investigation. Musical score also by Shane Hirschman.